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Andong Medical Group Hospital was opened on May 20, 1982 with 12 treatment departments and 134 beds to promote health of local residents and create sound medical culture.

It's been 36 years since the hospital was opened. Now, Andong Medical Group Hospital has grown as the hospital with its competitiveness of the best medical services in Korea including the Cancer Center, Yongsang Andong Medical Group Hospital which is the Senior Care Center, the Gyeongbuk Emergency Center designated by the government, the specialized emergency brain disease center, the specialized emergency heart disease center, the specialized emergency serious illness injury center, and cancer centers.

The medical quality which is the key of the hospital's competitiveness obtained Class A in all the parts of the evaluation of medical institutions by the government targeting large hospitals in the whole country. It highly ranked in the evaluation of all the emergency medical institutions for three years in a row. And it mostly obtained the first class degree in the evaluation of the medical appropriateness. Like this, the hospital has realized Localism to Globalism.

I think the customers who trust and visit the hospital and 1,400 medical workers, directors of treatment departments, and executive members who realized the medical services with painstaking care are attributed to these results.

Andong Medical Group Hospital will promise to make local residents healthier and happy by utilizing well-equipped medical infrastructure.

First, we will concentrate on our capabilities focusing on customers.
Andong Medical Group Hospital will quickly respond to the customers who trust and visit it thanking them, greet them with civility, and serve them with its utmost sincerity to the end. The methods to be able to overcome crises are various. There is nothing like being faithful to the basics and foundation and practicing them on the spot.

We will realize 100% reliable medical quality. 
Andong Medical Group Hospital was equipped with excellent medical teams with rich experiences, latest high-tech medical devices, elegant facilities, and pleasant environment. We will perform the duty of reliable health keepers by utilizing great medical infrastructure actively.

In addition, we will make a contribution to society that all the people live well together.
We will practice the sharing spirit practiced by the project group this year, help members in the community live well together, and set an good example to many people in it participate in practice of the sharing spirit.

Director of Andong Medical Group Hospital Director of Andong Medical Group Hospital