Competence of Andong Hospital

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Competence of Andong Hospital

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The eight core medical services of Andong Hospital

Andong Hospital is the only hospital in the country with all this prepared.
Andong Hospital has a perfect competitiveness not equipped with any hospital
in the whole country including university hospital.

Andong Hospital Regional Center
the Cerebrovascular Disease
Nominated by Ministry of Health and Welfare
of nationwide 14 branches
Contact us : 82-54-840-1569

The Center for Cardiovascular Disease Center is specialized in treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases with high pain and economic burden due to the second and third cause of death in Korea, rehabilitation treatment for preventing aftereffects, preventive activities and education in a Gyeongbuk Regional Hospital.

  • Cardiovascular Center
  • Cerebrovascular Center
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Center
  • Preventative Care Center