Competence of Andong Hospital

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Competence of Andong Hospital

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The eight core medical services of Andong Hospital

Andong Hospital is the only hospital in the country with all this prepared.
Andong Hospital has a perfect competitiveness not equipped with any hospital
in the whole country including university hospital.

Andong Hospital Thoracic Surgery
Heart Surgery (Open Heart)
Signed contract to support
'Korea Heart Foundation - Andong Hospital'
Contact us : 82-54-840-0248

Andong Hospital has a rich record of performance and good treatment results in the field of cardiac surgery, which is the culmination of the highest level of medical technology. It is the only hospital in Gyeongbuk province that has signed a sponsorship agreement with Korea Heart Foundation, the largest public health support foundation in Korea.

  • Heart valve syndrome, heart trauma, coronary artery disease, aortic aneurysm, heart malformation
  • Advanced heart surgery room
  • Operation of ECMO Medical Team
  • Support for heart disease treatment expenses(join with Korea Heart Foundation)