Competence of Andong Hospital

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Competence of Andong Hospital

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The eight core medical services of Andong Hospital

Andong Hospital is the only hospital in the country with all this prepared.
Andong Hospital has a perfect competitiveness not equipped with any hospital
in the whole country including university hospital.

Andong Hospital
Regional Trauma Center
Nominated by Ministry of Health and
Welfare of nationwide 17 branches
Contact us : 82-54-840-1365

The regional trauma center is a 365-day, 24-hour per day special trauma care facility with facilities, equipment, and personnel that can provide optimal treatment for serious trauma patients with multiple fractures and bleeding caused by traffic accidents.

  • Private medical facility
    : Trauma resuscitation room, trauma emergency room, exclusive examination room, exclusive operating room, dedicated ICU room, private ward
  • Advanced medical equipment
    : Angiography machine, MDCT128 channel, C-ARM, EKM cardiovascular system, Ultrasonic detector etc.