Competence of Andong Hospital

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Competence of Andong Hospital

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The eight core medical services of Andong Hospital

Andong Hospital is the only hospital in the country with all this prepared.
Andong Hospital has a perfect competitiveness not equipped with any hospital
in the whole country including university hospital.

Andong Hospital Area
Emergency Medical Center
Designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare,
Best Grade (announced in 2018)
Contact us : 82-54-840-0119

The Andong Hospital Area Emergency Medical Center is located in Gyeongbuk, the highest emergency medical center in Korea, where emergency medical specialists reside 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • Separation of adult / pediatric treatment area
  • Intensive Care Unit Installation in Emergency Room
  • Equipment and facilities for emergency patients
  • Emergency patient ward, intensive care unit, operation room operation