Patients' bill of rights

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Patients' bill of rights

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Rights of patients

Andong Medical Group Hospital will do its best to have optimal treatment to realize the management philosophy of 'the patients-centered hospital, the hospital for community, and hospital that serves society.'
And the hospital guarantee the following rights as much as possible.

1. Right to get optimal treatment
Patients have the right to get medical teams' sincere treatment and optimal medical procedures.

2. Right of dignity
Patients have the right to be respected with dignity, life, personality, and bodies as human being.

3. Equal rights
Patients have the right to be equally treated regardless of gender, diseases, or social and economic position.

4. Right to know and self-determination right
Patients have the right to know all the treatment procedures from the medical teams and decide the procedures by themselves as the owners of their lives.

5. Right to receive protection of secrets
Patients have the right to keep your medical and physical secrets in treatment and privacy confidential.

6. Right to ask advice and adjustment

Patients' responsibility

Patients should sincerely perform the following duties and obligations to receive the optimal medical services.

1. Obligations to trust and respect health care providers

2. Obligations to follow treatment plans sincerely

3. Obligations to follow the rules of the hospital

4. Obligations to reject treatment by dishonest means