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Andong Hospital, Designated as Gyeongsangbuk-do Medical Tourism Hospital



Andong Hospital, Designated as Gyeongsangbuk-do Medical Tourism Hospital

Gyeongbuk Province has announced that it has given designation letters to 6 excellent medical institutions that will lead the medical tourism business to attract foreign patients, which is being emphasized, and asked them to fulfill their responsibilities and roles.

According to the Province, there are six medical tourism hospitals, namely Andong Hospital, Gyeongju Dongguk University Hospital, Gumi Gangdong Hospital, Gyeongsan Saemeong Hospital, Flower Village Gyeongju Korean Medical Hospital, and Pohang Wooridul Hospital.

In May this month, the Ministry of Health and Welfare invited foreign patients to register for medical institutions to regulate existing medical tourism excellence medical institutions and secure new medical tourism power.

It was selected after a strict examination process on evaluation items such as willingness to implement medical tourism, infrastructure construction, professionalism, acquisition of domestic and overseas certification, and foreigner patient attraction performance.
For the next three years, the provincial government also provides various incentives such as the use of the designated medical tourism excellent medical institutes, participation in domestic and overseas public relations briefing sessions, construction and renewal of homepages, and production and support of publicity materials.

Following this ceremony, 11 medical tourism experts, representatives of outstanding medical institutes, university professors, and civilian experts participated in the ceremony, and a medical tourism promotion council meeting was held to discuss medical tourism issues and measures to attract foreign patients.

The council discussed the agenda of effectively attracting foreign patients from China and Vietnam as well as Russian countries and raising awareness of overseas tourism in Gyeongbuk medical tourism.

Lee Won Kyung, the director of the Health Policy Department, Province Government said, 'Although access to medical facilities and regional infrastructures are inadequate, they are based on business policies and ideas derived from the Medical Tourism Promotion Council, leading to a convergence of leading medical technologies and cultural tourism resources We will actively support the development of medical tourism products to achieve substantial results.